Spring Cleaning: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Garage Floor With a Concrete Coating?

Spring Cleaning Garage Floor Concrete Coating

Are you looking to change your dingy, dirty, messy garage floor into something easy to CLEAN, slip-resistant, and gorgeous? If so, call today for your free estimate with us at Twisted Floors. We are a small family-owned company based out of Waterford, WI but we service all of Southeastern Wisconsin. We use a high-quality polyurea […]

Are Epoxy Floors Slippery?

Are epoxy floors slippery?

One question we are asked almost daily is “Are epoxy floors slippery?” The short answer is, YES. Truly ANY surface can be slippery if it’s wet. When applying your polyaspartic topcoat we add aluminum oxide. This is a non-slip additive that adds grit to the surface. Our coatings are slip-resistant but not SLIP PROOF. With […]

Does My Garage Floor Need Concrete Coating?

Garage Concrete Coating Best Choices

Who is a good candidate for a garage concrete coating? A garage concrete floor coating is best for individuals or businesses looking to improve the appearance and durability of their garage floors. This type of coating can be used to protect the concrete from oil stains, tire marks, and other types of damage. It can […]

How Much Does a Garage Floor Concrete Coating Cost?

Costs of a Garage Floor Coating

The information on this page is accurate as of 01/23/23 and may be subject to change. Please contact us for our most current pricing for all of our services in your area. What’s a ballpark price for a two-car garage? Our most popular option would be around $2,800 for a standard two-car garage around 400SF. […]

How to Find the Best Garage Floor Coating Service

best garage floor coating hero

Garage floors are the first thing that visitors see when you open your garage. With that in mind, you should consider investing in a floor coating to help improve the look of your space. Other than the aesthetic benefits, a floor coating adds to your garage’s safety, durability, and ease of cleaning. However, finding a […]