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Carpet Solution For Families With Pets: Pet Perfect Carpet By Shaw

Recently we asked the Facebook world, Why do you like having carpet in your home?? Why do you choose carpet over other hard surface flooring options? 

The top 3 most popular responses were:

  1. that the price is cheaper than hard surface flooring. 
  2. It helps dampen the noise in a room. Between footsteps running on stairs, kids playing upstairs or the sound of dogs running around, it’s a quieter option. Especially if it’s a rental situation or a landlord is choosing what type of flooring to install.  
  3. Lastly, Carpet is COZY. Carpet feels good under your feet and brings warmth to a room. Most moms enjoy having carpet because they can lay on the floor with their children and play or read books. It’s way more comfortable than lying on a hard surface floor.

All of these PRO statements also came with two COMMON cons to carpet being installed

People dislike carpet in their homes because of allergens and pets. 

In 2022, in the state of Wisconsin, 59% of homeowners have pets. 

Pets are a huge part of our family and your pets deserve to feel welcome in your own home. 

Carpet is a great option when you have children and pets since it provides a soft, warm spot for pets to rest at home.

When we meet with customers to go over their flooring options, one of the very first things we ask them is do they have pets. 

Pets can cause lots of problems with our flooring so we always want to know if pets are in the household before we choose the best flooring option for our customers. 

Solution For Families With Pets

Shaw has come out with the Pet Perfect Carpet which is an incredible option for homeowners who are looking for carpet in their homes but also have pets in the family. 

Pet Perfect Carpet lives up to all of life’s accidents. It is made of ultra-durable, Anso High Performance Carpet. It is SUPER easy to clean with built-in stain protection and you can actually pour water on the surface of the carpet and watch it NOT absorb into the carpet fibers. 

It has built-in fade and bleach resistance. It has the INDUSTRY leading warranty covering ALL pet stains and has a LIFEGUARD SPILL PROOF Technology for added accident protection from the bottom up. 

Shaw is the industry leader in flooring and the Pet Perfect and Pet Perfect Plus collections by Shaw were designed by pet parents for pet parents. 

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