Polished Concrete Floor Services

Polished concrete involves the mechanical process of grinding, honing, and polishing a concrete surface using engineered floor grinders equipped with industrial diamond abrasives. This process transforms ordinary concrete into a durable, attractive, and low-maintenance flooring option. For unparalleled durability and a low-maintenance surface, we strongly recommend choosing polished concrete. This option delivers a stunning floor by harnessing the inherent beauty of the existing concrete. The exceptional longevity of our polished concrete system is attributed to the fact that we don’t apply a chemical wear layer on top of the concrete. Instead, we refine the concrete itself, yielding an enduring, glossy finish.

Our Polished Concrete Process

1. Surface Preparation:

2. Grinding:

3. Honing:

4. Polishing:

5. Densification:

6. Sealing:

7. Buffing (Optional):

8. Final Inspection:

Polished Concrete Finishes

Benefits of Polished Concrete

For those seeking both longevity and an easily maintainable surface, polished concrete is highly recommended. It transforms the existing concrete into a stunning floor without the need for additional chemicals. The longevity of our polished concrete system stems from the refinement of the concrete itself, ensuring a durable and enduring shine.

Additional Benefits