Scope of Work & Project Details

Twisted Floors LLC utilizes proposals that include the Scope of Work to be completed

This proposal contains the “scope of work” to be completed. If the scope of work changes after the proposal has been agreed upon between Owner/GC/Lessee and Twisted Floors LLC, the additional labor and materials will be addressed on a change order and will be an additional cost added to the original proposal amount. This proposal is valid for 30 days. After 30 days it is subject to review if there is a substantial change in material cost or labor rates. All Proposals must be accepted by Owner/GC/Lessee and Twisted Floors LLC. All jobs that are bid “site unseen” are subject to an onsite evaluation and/or project walk. By accepting the estimate and/or making a deposit, you agree to the project terms in this document. Owner/GC/Lessee will provide an authorized representative who has the authority to approve and issue changes in the project and render decisions promptly. These decisions also include colors, scheduling, and payments.

Proposal includes all materials, freight, labor, tools, supplies, equipment, supervision, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and is based on completing all work in its entirety in one move-in, unless otherwise stated in the proposal; and Twisted Floors LLC Inc. (referred to as Twisted Floors LLC) having uninterrupted work. Interruptions or interference, from any source, which cause delay in work, will result in a change order to compensate Twisted Floors LLC for extra time and expenses incurred. This bid is subject to review after 60 days or if there is a substantial change in material cost, labor rates, or size of area to be installed. Proposal doesn’t include (unless stated in scope); 1) Removal of tape, ink, mastic, or adhesives, paint overspray, existing sealers, coatings, or stains, 2) Removal of concrete spillage, splash or stains embedded in or on the surface, 3) Repair of cracks, joints, holes, divots, pitting or other surface defects. Products delivered to the job site shall be invoiced immediately if the project is delayed. Such products may be subject to a restocking fee if the job is canceled. Owner/GC/Lessee shall receive and provide a secure storage area for materials as they arrive and storage should be suitable for storing flammable and/or corrosive materials. Owner/GC/Lessee shall be required to provide information regarding structural or chemical conditions not necessarily apparent during pre-examination of the project such as: accelerants, curing chemicals, fibers in the concrete, silicone absorption, carbon/ graphite or sulfur contamination or any other form of foreign or chemical contamination that might be in the concrete. Twisted Floors LLC shall not be responsible for additional costs incurred from such conditions.
Items that shall not be the responsibility of Twisted Floors LLC which could result in additional costs include: 1) Roof or pipe leaks over wet coating; 2) Coating failure caused by cold temperatures or airborne dust resulting from imprudent acts of others; 3) Coating failure or staining caused by employees, forklifts or chemical spills; 4) Burning of concrete fibers, patching or crack repair unless specified in quote; 5) Fish-eye flaws due to silicone absorption present in the concrete; 6) Failure due to Moisture Vapor Pressure (MVP); 7) Any coating failure or coating performance defect due to moisture levels over 3-pounds; 8) Failure due to Alkalinity Silicate Reaction (ASR); 9) If Acid Etching is specified the concrete must be wet cured, removal of steel power troweled surface, curing compound, hard & seal, hardener, densifier, cure & seal, or any type of sealer system cannot be achieved through an acid etch. 10) Additional prep work to remove debris, stain, paint overspray, drywall mud or any other residue or damage caused by other trades unless this removal is specified in the proposal. 11) Additional preparation or resurfacers required to adhere coatings if a high concentration of fly ash or other additives that impede the adhesion of flooring materials or any form of surface contamination not made known prior to starting.
Twisted Floors LLC will provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior to the start of the contract. Some coatings emit odors, which may be objectionable to others and it shall be the responsibility of the Owner/GC/Lessee to vacate the area or inform personnel of the hazardous concerns. Twisted Floors LLC shall not be responsible for lost wages, lost production or lost profit or consequential damages resulting from any possible disruption of others.



  • Any post floor protection unless selected as a line item in the proposal.
  • Unforeseen substrate failures or elevated moisture at install requiring a moisture barrier.
  • Additional SF not listed in Quantity on Proposal
  • Any “Features” not listed on Proposal
  • Any “Repairs/Prep Work” not listed on Proposal (20SF Pitting/10LF Crack Repair included per 500SF)
  • Any Concrete Replacement
  • Any Correction of pitch or “leveling” of your concrete.
  • Any Moisture Barriers if moisture is above 4% RH.
  • Any Core Testing/Core Drilling/RH Drilling
  • Any Joint Fill unless stated on proposal
  • Any Baseboards or Wall Base (unless included on proposal)
  • Any Paint Touch Ups (Typical with nature of flooring Installation)
  • Any Cleaning (a general cleaning is required after any project and not included in this line item)
  • Any Plastic Protection (electronics, wall items etc)
  • The removal of any Furniture/Items(needs to be done before project starts by Owner/GC/Lessor)
  • Additional Layers of Topcoat/Slip Additive (unless noted on proposal)
  • Any Caulking, or Exterior Sealant


Our Process creates “dust”, Our Products Contain “odor”, and Our Machines create “noise”
We can’t be held responsible for any “Slips/Falls on our Floor Coatings”
Our floors (coatings) are Non Porous (water will need to be removed in winter)
We Warranty the Coating not the Concrete (substrate failure)
We don’t guarantee that a project will be done in “one day” all installation dates are booked “tentative” and can move.
Sometimes “touch ups” can happen with coatings. We will take care of any minor touch ups within 7 days of installation.
Our Floors have a “high gloss” sheen, an “orange peel” texture, and can look different in high and low spots with lighting.
Repairs or Touch Ups will be seen. (they blend over time)
We will repair the affected area/square not the whole garage.
We will determine what’s acceptable or not acceptable “workmanship” there are industry standards that we comply with.
Floor can vary in color (dye lot) and/or texture.
Other Trades/Traffic: Twisted Floors isn’t responsible for damage done to your floor by other trades (electricians, drywallers).; the prep work is critical, to guarantee our workmanship, we need to have the project area to ourselves. This protects your floor, as well as all Twisted Floors employees. Please communicate this to other contractors to prevent confusion on the installation day.
The project is to remain free of other trades for 48 hours. If you plan on painting the project area, we’ve found it best if this is done after the floor is installed. Odor: Our products contain an odor, we have low-odor products available for an additional charge. Please inform the office if you’re concerned with odor before installation. The products we use are low VOCs and nontoxic. We’re not responsible for any adverse reactions or smells. The smell usually dissipates within 72 hours, if you need a hotel because of the project we are not responsible for the cost.
Dust: We use HEPA when prepping concrete, they capture 99.99% of dust, and we can’t be held responsible for the 0.01%. Our quotes don’t include any cleaning fees. – Twisted Floors is not responsible for any damage done by someone walking on the floor before 36 hours, or vehicular traffic for 72 hours.
Cleaning/Paint Touch-Ups: We will not be responsible for any cleaning fees or paint “touch-ups” With any flooring project paint touch-ups and general cleaning should be expected after project completion.
Social Media: We take pictures of jobs and post them to help grow our small business, if you don’t want your project pictures posted please email us at:
Sample Colors: can vary from the color of the flake selected. There are different dye lots when we receive them from the manufacturer. Texture can vary from samples to the floor installed. All of our jobs are bid with 1/4″ flake and for one of our Stock Colors. Custom flake blends add.95 to the total (excluding any flake blend requiring white or black)
Level/Pitch: Expectations: When we grind a floor we follow the contour of the floor, we don’t correct pitch or “level” floors. Appearance: The floor can look thin or thicker in areas where light and high and low spots in the concrete exist. Our topcoats our “thin mil” If you want the topcoat thicker, there is an additional charge.
Acceptable Workmanship: We install our coatings per manufacturers’ recommendations, all floors are custom, and appearance can vary in light. We inspect floors from standing up/ 6LF away. Lighting and high/low spots on the floor can make our topcoat/flooring finish look different. This is normal and acceptable. Occasionally touch-ups are needed on the floor after the project.
Online Proposals: Onsite walk thru needed to validate the original estimate price and test substrate.
Alarms/Smoke Detectors: We are not responsible for any alarm or smoke detector systems. Sprinklers, Alarms, and sources of ignition (pilot lights) need to be turned off prior to the arrival of Twisted Floors Employees.
Documentation: We document all of our projects via photo and video.

Owner/GC/Lessee: 1) will provide a representative who shall have the authority to issue and approve changes in the project and render decisions promptly; 2) shall provide a dumpster for all non-hazardous debris related to the floor installation; 3) Will have the area free of all trades and traffic during, and 48 hours after flooring and/or coating installation. Twisted Floors LLC shall not be responsible for damage caused by traffic during construction. If the floor and/or coating installation is damaged for any reason due to other trades there is an additional fee to re-apply the floor and/or coatings; 4) Shall have floors broom swept prior to job & free from paint, oil, grease, and drywall sprays caused by other contractors, unless otherwise provided for in the agreement; 5) Is responsible for moving equipment or providing dust protection. If Twisted Floors LLC has to wait on the Owner/GC/Lessee to move obstructions, the Owner/GC/Lessee will pay Twisted Floors LLC at a rate of $75.00 per man hour; 6) Is responsible for security of the facility/job site; 7) Is responsible for providing lights, water, electricity, heat and 24 hour access to the project site; 8) is responsible for on site power requirements of: 220 Volt, 50 Amp 3-Phase, 480 Volt, 50 Amp 3-Phase With power no farther than 250 feet from flooring area to be treated; as well as 110 Single Phase. If Twisted Floors LLC is required to provide a generator, the generator will be billed at $495.00 per 8 hours of run time, plus diesel fuel cost; 9) Will provide protection to equipment & unprotected metal surfaces as some preparation products may cause rust on unprotected metal surfaces, while other preparation techniques may cause the emission of concrete dust into the air. While all concrete prep equipment is equipped with industrial vacuum systems, mechanical surface preparation is never dust free; 10) The building to be coated should be kept at a controlled temperature (65-85 degrees Fahrenheit) fourteen (14) days prior to installation of the coating; 11) Sprinklers surrounding the perimeter of the building must be turned off prior to installation of any floor and remain off for two (2) days after the floor has been installed; 12) will inform the flooring contractor of any potential hazardous conditions (i.e. asbestos).


Twisted Floors LLC requires a minimum three-week lead time to schedule a project, based on the workload at the time a scheduling request is made, no guarantees or commitments of time frames are made until a signed contract is received and the client speaks with a representative from Twisted Floors LLC concerning the dates and times available. The Owner/GC/Lessee shall be responsible for “False Starts” which are defined as any instance when Twisted Floors LLC has been notified to proceed with the contract but conditions do not allow for the work to proceed. “False Starts” are chargeable at a minimum rate of four hours per worker plus travel costs. Additional costs, such as restocking, transportation costs, etc. will also be the responsibility of the Owner/GC/Lessee. Should Twisted Floors LLC not finish the contracted work in specified time for reasons due to the Owner/GC, an additional trip charge will be applied for extra man-hours & travel.
Time frames for installation are estimates, Twisted Floors LLC cannot be held responsible for unforeseen challenges identified within the project.
Cancellation or rescheduling of the project once it has been scheduled by the client will result in a charge of 25% of the contract price, unless Twisted Floors LLC can fill the time slot with other work. Cancellations will also incur a restocking charge if materials have been shipped to the job site or the office of Twisted Floors LLC prior to cancellation.
Twisted Floors LLC is not responsible for unforeseen conditions including but not limited to rain, cold temperature, strong wind, blowing debris, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or any unforeseen conditions which cause delays, increased labor, or increased material costs; these are the responsibility of the owner, and will be charged as a change order.


The concrete is assumed to be structurally sound, dry and contaminate free before application of the floor coating material, meet ICRI Guidelines and have a compressive strength of at least 3500 psi and at least 200 psi in tension. If the concrete to be coated has a soft or weak cap or is contaminated, these are considered an unforeseen condition, which cannot always be identified until shot blasting, diamond grinding or the coatings/flooring applications have been performed. When shot blasted or diamond grinded, concrete with a soft cap tends to have a much heavier profile and can require additional prepping and coating procedures. When shot blasted, diamond grinded or coating; a weak cap may require additional prepping and coating procedures. If a soft or weak cap is identified in all or part of the slab, the customer will have the option of applying more material or a resurfacer to the slab; for an additional cost. As well, shot blasting or diamond grinding can open up “cracks” that were not visible during the pre-job survey and will require a change order to fill. Failure to put this additional epoxy or resurfacing system on the floor will leave an aesthetically displeasing surface, for which Twisted Floors LLC will not be responsible.
Protection of flooring: No satisfactory chemical or cleaning procedure is available to remove petroleum stains, chemical stains or chemically etched stains from the concrete surface; especially when its newly curing concrete; stain/chemical prevention is essential. All hydraulic powered equipment must be diapered. Food, tobacco products, soda, liquids can all permanently alter the appearance of the concrete if spilled; especially on newer, freshly cured concrete. No trade will park on the slab or store materials/products. If necessary to complete their scope of work, drop clothes will be placed under vehicles at all times. No pipe cutting machine will be used on the inside slab. Steel will not be placed on the interior slab to avoid rust staining. Owner/GC/Lessee shall keep the floor dry and notify Twisted Floors LLC if it has been exposed to water or moisture fifteen days (15) prior to the application date.
Concrete moisture testing or core testing may be required. Relative Humidity Testing ASTM F2170 test results must meet 75% – 80% readings (Verify with manufacturer of each product). Calcium Chloride testing ASTM F1689 readings must be below 3 pounds per 1,000 sq ft feet on the calcium chloride test. Although testing is helpful, it is not a guarantee against future problems. This is especially true if there is no vapor barrier or the vapor barrier is not functioning properly and/or you suspect you may have concrete contamination from oils, chemical spills, excessive salts or some other form of foreign contamination. This proposal does not include moisture testing or core testing unless otherwise agreed upon in the proposal. Testing for vapor emissions or core testing for forms of contamination is the customer’s responsibility and is required (at customer’s sole expense) for the Limited Warranty to apply. Twisted Floors LLC can provide testing at an additional fee if requested. If moisture testing or core testing is completed from an outside source, test results are to be furnished to Twisted Floors LLC no less than seventy two (72) hours prior to install.


Residential Projects: All deposits are non refundable after 72 hours. Final Payment is due when installation is complete. No exceptions. We charge a 3% fee for all credit card payments. Checks can be made payable to Twisted Floors LLC. Mailing Address: Twisted Floors, PO BOX 61, Waterford, WI, 53185.
Commercial Projects: Net 15 days unless otherwise agreed upon and a 30% deposit required to schedule the project and the remaining due upon completion. If payment is not received within a specified time frame, Twisted Floors LLC reserves the right to charge 1.5% interest a month until payment in full. If there is a dispute concerning project quality, performance, color or any other irregularity with the project, the customer has the right to withhold a 5% retainer on the outstanding balance until an amicable conclusion is reached. Twisted Floors LLC reserves the right to refrain addressing any concerns/issues with a project until a minimum payment of 95% of the outstanding balance has been received. In the unfortunate circumstance that a legal challenge is required to address an issue, all disputes will be settled in Racine County, Wisconsin or an alternate venue as designated by Twisted Floors LLC. In the event Twisted Floors LLC incurs any costs or expense of any nature in preparing for the prosecution of and prosecuting any claim against the Owner/GC/Lessee, whether by means of negotiations, arbitration or legal action, arising out of the Owner/GC/Lessee’s refusal to pay for the work/materials provided by Twisted Floors LLC, Twisted Floors LLC shall be compensated for any such costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees.


As required by the Wisconsin construction lien law, contractor hereby notifies owner that persons/companies performing, furnishing, or procuring labor, services, materials, plans, or specifications for the construction on owner’s land may have lien rights on owner’s land and buildings if not paid. Those entitled to lien rights (in addition to the claimant) are those who contract directly with the owner or those who give the owner notice within 60 days after they first perform, furnish or procure labor, services, materials, plans, or specifications for the construction. Accordingly, the owner probably will receive notices from those who perform, furnish, or procure labor, services, materials, plans, or specifications for the construction, and should give a copy of each notice received to the mortgage lender, if any. Claimant agrees to cooperate with the owner/owner’s lender, if any, to see that all potential lien claimants are duly paid.