Floor Coating Warranty

Learn About Our Residential Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty and best-in-the-business lifetime warranty!

Our Warranty Covers:

  • Yellowing (due to product failure)
  • Peeling (due to product failure)
  • Cracking (due to product failure)
  • Chipping (due to product failure)
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission – we will replace your floor for FREE should it ever fail due to moisture¹


Provided the new owner of the property presents the original paperwork with their claim.


Cost of a non-warrantied repair will be determined after the customer has submitted a claim.


Our system is completely covered under warranty meaning there is NO COST for materials required to perform a warrantied repair.


We have a NO LABOR FEE within 12 months of the original installation. After 12 months, warranty shall be limed to the cost of replacement materials as determined by the amount of replacement materials required to repair the problematic areas of the floor. 

Home Garages = Lifetime
Home Basements = Lifetime
Outdoor Spaces = Lifetime
Commercial Spaces = 6 years
Driveways = Not Warrantied
Top Coat Grind & Seal = Not Warrantied


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Failure of the coating due to failure of the underlying substrate regardless of any restoration work done to the concrete prior to the coating application.

  • Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Example 1: Concrete slab shifts due to settling causing the coating to crack.
    • Example 2: Concrete slab underneath the coating disintegrates and begins to break away.
    • Example 3: Concrete cracks causing the coating to crack.


Floor damage caused by abnormal abuse, neglect, non-ordinary wear and tear, failure to maintain the floor properly. The coating is stain resistant, not stain proof, meaning if various substances come in contact with the floor without cleanup, the coating could be affected.

  • Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Example 1: A pet urinates on the floor, it is not cleaned up, and eats through the coating.
    • Example 2: Battery acid is spilled on the floor, not cleaned up, and eats throught the coating.
    • Example 3: A sharp or heavy object is dropped on the floor, causing a chip.
    • Example 4: A motorcyle kickstand is put down without a pad, causing an impression.


We do not warrant how level the floor will be after the coating is installed.
We repair cracks, pitting, chipping, and build up low spots during the restoration process, however this is not to be considered leveling or grading of the concrete slab.

We do not warrant the exact slip resistant level of our flooring system.
We incorporate a pre-determined amount of slip resistance grit into the floor system unless otherwise pecified by customer prior to installation. Requests to alter the amount of slip resistant grit after installation is not covered under warranty and will incure a cost.

Rust migrating up through the concrete causing staining on the surface (rare).

Buyer must report to Contractor within 7 days of noticing a problem with the floor. If a problem is not reported within 7 days, the claim will not apply as a warrantied claim.

Contractor warranty liability shall not exceed the cost of replacement materials.
This warranty shall be limited to the cost of replacement materials as determined by the amount of replacement materials required to repair the problematic areas of the floor. The customer shall be responsible for the remainder of any costs of installation or product price increase over and above the original purchase price. The method of repair required to repair the problem shall be at the sole determination of the contractor.

¹Issues deamed to be related to moisture vapor transmission shall be covered under warranty. Determination of whether or not the floor is repairable will be at the sole discretion of the Contractor. This determination shall be based on pictures and/or an on-site inspection. If Contractor determines the floor cannot be repaired the Buyer will be given the option to have the floor coating system replaced under warranty at no cost, provided the Buyer agrees to cover the cost of removal of the original coating system and installation of a moisture mitigation barrier prior to re-installation of the floor coating system.

²Within 72 months of the original install date provided new homeowner presents original papwerwork.

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Warranty Claim/Service Form

Please complete the following form to make a warrantied or non warrantied claim or to notify our team of a service related matter that needs to be addressed.


  • It can take up to 10 business days for a warranty claim/service request to be processed.
  • It can take up to 8 weeks for a warranty/service request to be scheduled.

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