Warranty For Flake Concrete Coatings


Warranty against adhesion failure due to poor workmanship or defective materials, covering labor & materials only; any and all remedies Owner may have against Twisted Floors LLC for defects in workmanship are limited, and in no event shall Twisted Floors LLC be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to: lost profits, business interruption expenses, and/or expenses incurred in moving and/or storing occupants, equipment, or inventory which might be affected by repair operations. Twisted Floors LLC guarantees applied products will perform within their stated technical limits as detailed in the product manufacturers published technical data sheets.

Warranty excludes adhesion failure or defects where the cause is: Moisture Vapor Transmission, Alkalinity Silicate Reaction (ASR), failure where moisture levels are over 3-pounds, substrate failure, contamination or abuse. Twisted Floors LLC disclaims any liability for any defect or failure including: blistering, peeling, cracking or delamination caused in whole or in part by: hydrostatic pressure, osmotic ground water pressure, vapor drive, hydration, or any other moisture/water related failure; ground movement or settling; structural or substrate failure; Un-reacted Metasilicate Contamination (UMC); cosmetic defects due to scraping, gouging, staining or discoloration; building alteration; improper design or construction of the substrate on which materials are applied; substrate contamination of any form; acts of God (hurricane, tornado, etc.…) normal wear and tear and any cause beyond the control of Twisted Floors LLC. Warranty coverage does not apply if coatings or joint fillers crack due to concrete shrinkage or curling as shrinkage/curling is an unpredictable, normal and expected condition of concrete.

Moisture vapor transmission is the condition arising from the attempted permeation of moisture through the applied flooring system. The source of moisture can be from sub base or groundwater conditions below the substrate especially in the absence of a moisture barrier. It can also be present in new concrete installations that have not sufficiently cured. Whatever the source, the attempted escape of moisture through a barrier that is not moisture permeable (i.e. new flooring system) can cause significant delaminating, blistering or defects in the applied system. In cases where site tests indicate moisture (particularly in new construction) delays may be encountered while waiting for the concrete to dry sufficiently.

When you demand use of an area before the substrate is adequately dry, written authorization will be required before work begins. Substrate failure occurs when delaminating, spalling, or degradation of a concrete surface occurs as a result of poor workmanship or materials by the concrete contractor. Often such symptoms are evident before any finishes are applied, but certain conditions; i.e. “soft” or “powders” or “punky” concrete or aggregate pop-outs may only become evident after several months of steady traffic. Delaminating caused by abuse may occur when: personnel gouge the floor with nails protruding from skids, drop heavy objects, or pour paint remover on the floor. Excessive point loading of material carts is another cause of damage where the psi load on wheeled carts (particularly steel wheels) exceeds the design specifications of the applied system. High temperature activities such as welding are another source of abusive damage. If a significant change in use occurs (from warehouse space to a plating line, for example), this Warranty for wear is void unless the new use is accepted in writing by Twisted Floors LLC. Certain conditions that affect wear also limit the Warranty coverage: abusive damage caused by personnel while relocating materials on the floor, dragging equipment, pushing skids or using inappropriate cleaning solvents is not covered by this Warranty.

A maintenance program is essential to ensure the useful life and wear of the flooring and daily sweeping/scrubbing of loose debris, soil and dirt is a fundamental issue; since the abrasive nature of organic soils will accelerate wear. A periodic wet cleaning to remove oil spills and other residues is suggested.

Twisted Floors LLC reserves the right to void any and all warranty coverage if the client fails to adhere to a consistent maintenance program in accordance with the Twisted Floors LLC standard.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Guide. This maintenance guide is provided upon request and can be found on our website at: twistedfloors.com
Warranty coverage does not apply to any areas where the client requests that we coat an exterior area with interior materials: i.e. Home Garage coating system where the exterior lip receives the coating system application. Interior coating materials are designed specifically for interior applications and their performance cannot be predicted or guaranteed in exterior applications. Warranty coverage does apply to exterior areas if the material specified for the application is an exterior grade product.

Warranty coverage does not apply to marks or stains left due to tire plasticizer marks. Plasticizer marks, also known as ghost marks or paw prints, are permanent, blackish marks of a wheel tread impregnated onto the floor or coating. Plasticizers are chemicals used in the manufacture of rubber wheels and after the wheel sits, for even a few minutes, the plasticizer may chemically react with the floors. The plasticizer penetrates and forms a chemical bond with the floor or coating, which results in a mark that cannot be removed.

METAL EDGES: Avoid the placement of cabinets/fixtures with sharp metal edges and avoid dragging these types of fixtures across your floors; especially if it’s a glossy top coat. If the placement of fixtures with sharp metal edges is going to occur, make sure some form of protection is placed between the metal fixture and the floor; clear sheets of plexiglass are a terrific option.

WHEELED CHAIRS, CARTS, TABLES and FIXTURES: Avoid metal or hard plastic wheels from constantly moving back and forth across your floors in the exact same spot as this may dull, damage or prematurely wear out your coated floors. If in an office type setting where a wheeled chair, cart or table will be moving back and forth constantly over the same spot in the floor, the placement of a clear plastic floor protector that can be found at any office store is recommended. Soft white, non marking rubber wheels and casters are recommended and for all wheeled chairs, tables, carts or objects that will be continuously used on the floors. For chairs and fixtures that don’t have wheels, soft rubber end cap glides are recommended on the underside of all chairs, tables and fixtures.

ADHESIVES: It is not recommended that you apply any type of adhesives to your concrete flooring system unless the installed flooring system was specifically applied for this purpose. Adhesives can damage your flooring system and the mastic/glue like residue may require a harsh or caustic chemical to remove the residue that could possibly damage your floor. Some tapes; even painters tapes, contain acids or solvents in the adhesive that can etch or alter the appearance of your floor.

¹Issues deamed to be related to moisture vapor transmission shall be covered under warranty. Determination of whether or not the floor is repairable will be at the sole discretion of the Contractor. This determination shall be based on pictures and/or an on-site inspection. If Contractor determines the floor cannot be repaired the Buyer will be given the option to have the floor coating system replaced under warranty at no cost, provided the Buyer agrees to cover the cost of removal of the original coating system and installation of a moisture mitigation barrier prior to re-installation of the floor coating system.

²Within 72 months of the original install date provided new homeowner presents original papwerwork.