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Are Epoxy Floors Slippery?

One question we are asked almost daily is “Are epoxy floors slippery?”

The short answer is, YES. Truly ANY surface can be slippery if it’s wet.

When applying your polyaspartic topcoat we add aluminum oxide. This is a non-slip additive that adds grit to the surface. Our coatings are slip-resistant but not SLIP PROOF.

With this being said, once again, if snow melts off your car and onto your garage floor, it will be slippery.

If your kids are like ours and run around in the garage in the summer with their swimsuits on, the floor will be slippery.

We HIGHLY recommend that you use a squeegee to get any moisture off of your coating so that you are not putting yourself or anyone else at risk of a fall.

Squeegees are your best friend when it comes to caring for your concrete coating.

We also suggest non-marking floor mats to keep your wet boots on in your garage versus keeping them on the coating and pooling water.

Non-marking floor mats are a great way to avoid water tracking all over the garage floor when it’s raining or snowing outside and our shoes get wet.

If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to us at Twisted Floors!

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