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Hardwood Floors Installation in Wisconsin

Why choose Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors installed in homes provide an undeniable value and timeless elegance. With options ranging from styles, colors, hardwood species, textures, widths and finishes the variety of hardwood floors to choose from is endless. Whether you are going for an antique look or a more contemporary feel hardwood flooring is the ideal option for your home. Featuring a lifespan that is nearly unrivaled hardwood floorings not only add value to a home but also to stand up to heavy traffic and lots of situations that other floorings may not be able to withstand.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a great way to bring beauty to any space, but the hardwood floors installed in your home could have a significant impact on your air quality. Because hardwoods are made from natural materials, so they don’t trap dust or animal dander like carpets. Not only is hardwood more visually pleasing than carpet, but it can also actually improve the indoor air you and your family are breathing. In addition to better indoor air, hardwood floors are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic—both everyday family life and occasional parties with guests. Even if hardwood floors eventually show wear (which is normal!), they can be sanded down and stained consistently every few years during refinishing jobs which will extend their longevity even further.

Hardwood Floors Cost in Wisconsin

Whether it is domestic or exotic hardwood flooring, the cost of having it installed can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of your project. For example, if you are installing hardwood floors in a small room, the cost is likely to be much lower than if you are installing floors in an expansive living space. Generally speaking, hardwood floors installed by a professional ranges anywhere from $12 to $22 per square foot and can be slightly more expensive for luxurious species like mahogany or walnut. Additionally, consider the cost of finishing materials such as stains, sealants and precision machinery which may increase your hardwood floors cost even further.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Taking care of hardwood flooring can be a daunting task for many homeowners, especially since it can cost more than other types of flooring. To ensure your newly installed hardwood floors remain in great condition and last for years to come, there are a few simple preventative measures you can take. First and foremost, sweep or vacuum the floor weekly to remove dust and dirt build-up that could become scratched into the surface over time. Furthermore, mopping the hardwood with mild soap mixed with water will help keep the floor clean while maintaining its protective coat. Lastly, adding felt protectors on furniture legs is essential in order to reduce drag marks and dents along your hardwood floors’ surfaces. By following these simple maintenance steps for hardwood floors, you will ensure that your hardwood lasts for as long as possible without compromising its quality or beauty.

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Choosing the right floor for you

Type of Flooring




• Classic, timeless look

• Can be sanded and refinished multiple times

• Durable and long-lasting

• Expensive upfront cost

• Requires maintenance and periodic refinishing

• Can be prone to scratches and dents


• Affordable

• Easy to install and maintain

• Water-resistant

• Scratch and stain-resistant

• Not as durable as hardwood or laminate

• Can emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

• May not add as much value to a home as hardwood


• Affordable

• Easy to install

• Durable and scratch-resistant

• Low maintenance

• Can look artificial or cheap

• May not add as much value to a home as hardwood

• Cannot be sanded or refinished


• Soft and comfortable

• Good sound insulation

• Can be a more affordable option

• Can come in a variety of styles and textures

• Can be prone to staining and wear

• Can hold onto allergens and dust

• May require professional cleaning

• Not as durable as other options

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Have a concrete coating-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

We have found that polyurea polyaspartic garage floor coatings provide the best combination of durability, toughness, and superior aesthetic appeal for the money. Compared with traditional epoxy coatings, the polyurea polyaspartic coatings we install are highly resistant to chemical and oil spills, are highly resilient against abrasions, and are easy to clean.

The coatings are available in various colors and designs and provide a high gloss finish. The coating material cures and hardens quickly, and our professional installation can be completed with your garage back in service in only 24 hours. Polyurea polyaspartic garage floors bind securely to the main concrete flooring, providing a slip-resistant surface that isn’t sticky. The surface stands up to heavy vehicle traffic without becoming marked up and makes the most versatile and satisfying flooring choice.

All floors and floor coatings can be slippery when wet, our concrete coatings are less slippery than regular concrete.

How do you know that your floors are less slippery than concrete?

Osha has slip resistance requirements for floors. Concrete is around a 0.5 on the “slip meter”. Osha requires a 0.6 and our coatings are around a 0.7.

Typically, it can be done in one day. In some cases, it could take two days. We will discuss these details during your free estimate for your garage floor coating.

Summer: 24 hours after installation, and you can drive on them in 48 Hours.

Winter: 36 Hours, and 72 hours to drive on.

According to the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, almost 63% of all U.S. households have a garage or carport available to them, and nothing beats working in the garage when the Wisconsin winter weather drives you inside. Of course, it is essential to have a warm garage to work or hang out in, and radiant floor heating is very popular in garages in our area. Our professionally installed garage floor coatings are safe for use with properly designed and installed radiant heating systems and are highly efficient in sending warmth up through your garage floor. The polyurea polyaspartic coatings we install maintain superior adhesion on a heated floor, unlike many older tile and epoxy designs.


Our installation process is not damaging to your existing heating elements, and our polyaspartic materials easily handle the transfer of radiant heat. The surface is easy to clean, even after you bring in snow and ice when parking your vehicle. In the summer months, it also stands up to outside heat and sunlight.

No, as these are concrete coatings, you need to add this process to concrete.

We install concrete coatings all year round, including during the winter months. Call us or contact us anytime for the coating you need!

We provide garage floor coating services to Southeastern Wisconsin, including but not limited to Burlington, Franklin, Waterford, Lake Geneva, and Rochester. We’ll service as far as Milwaukee and Kenosha as well. Call us or contact us today to see if we provide services in your area!

Each project is customized to your particular flooring needs. Every job we do is different, because we offer different types of coatings and finishes.  We will work with you to develop a free estimate keeping your budget in mind. 

Polyurea coatings will last over 15 years with proper installation and maintenance. Epoxy floors last anywhere from 5-10 years.

Yes you can use a Swiffer or a stiff broom and simple green diluted 10:1. Just simply squeegee out the excess water when you’re done!

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