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Why We Value Feedback On Our Concrete Coating Installation Process

At Twisted Floors, we respect the feedback from our friends, family, and customers. The only way to improve as a company is to gain more knowledge and feedback daily from others!

When I reached out to friends and the general public about their issues they have had in the past when dealing with “any business” they had GREAT feedback. One issue that came up multiple times was that female customers felt that they were not treated the same as their husbands or men. They felt that they were treated differently.

As a female myself, I can totally relate to this and this is one of the reasons I love working hand in hand with my husband running the business.

At Twisted Floors, you have both a male and female business owner. Some people prefer talking to my husband, Trevin because he knows the “flooring lingo” as I like to call it. He speaks very educated about flooring since it’s been in his blood for so long.

Myself on the other hand, I can explain it really well to anyone who doesn’t feel like they have a masters degree in flooring. Joking, but not really. I understand flooring, I have listened to my husband eat, breathe, and speak about it 24/7 for our life together. I am just able to explain it really well to Grandma Susie, the moms, and the people who don’t know all of the scientific words.

This makes myself and them way more comfortable with the flooring process because I am able to explain to them why polyurea is better than epoxy for their floor or why going with pet carpet versus regular carpet is better for them.

As a female business owner, I want everyone to feel like they are treated equally and that they can ask us any question COMFORTABLY without feeling talked down to or less than.

Twisted Floors Floor Coating Installation Process

At Twisted Floors, we like to do what’s called a “discovery call.”

When you decide that you would like a free estimate with us, we then prompt you to schedule a discovery call at your earliest convenience. It takes only 10 minutes or less of your time but it will save both you and us lots of time in the long run. We respect your time.

During the discovery call process, YOU tell US about your flooring project, what you are looking for with your flooring, and everything in between. We will ask you some questions to make sure we are both on the same page and understand your needs and wants.

Sometimes people call for an epoxy concrete coating for their basement but think that it’s just a quick 2-hour process in and out and costs $1,000.00. Discovery calls can give you the information necessary to help guide you through the process.

We pride ourselves on workmanship and the best processes for your situation. So in our discovery call, we would find out your price point, so we can make sure we are giving you something in your price range. Otherwise, we would be wasting your time sending a project manager out to your home when it’s completely out of your ballpark.

With the discovery call, we can make sure we are all on the same page. If concrete coatings are out of your price range, we can offer you many other options for flooring that might work best for you!

We appreciate your time and want to make sure you are getting all of your answers before we schedule a free estimate.

Once we are all on the same page with the project, then we schedule the free estimate with our project estimator to come out and measure your project, do a moisture test and a hardness test and discuss in person the options and show you them.

We want our customers to have options to look at and have all of the information to make their decision process easiest.

So remember, when working with a small family-owned business like Twisted Floors, you can feel comfortable knowing that someone on our team will help get you all of the answers that you need to feel satisfied with your decision to choose us!

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