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Why You Should Choose Twisted Floors For Your Project

When homeowners decide to start a renovation project on their homes, they typically get more than one quote from a business. When Twisted Floors comes out to give you a quote, we like to explain what sets US apart from the rest. 

For starters, we don’t pride ourselves on doing “Free Estimates”. In our mind, anyone can come out and give you a quick free estimate on your project. Instead, at Twisted Floors, we pride ourselves on CUSTOMIZED, PERSONALIZED PROPOSALS for your project. 

This means, if you call us out to do an estimate on your basement floor, we will come up with MORE THAN ONE OPTION FOR YOU. For example, we explain to you WHY we would suggest carpet on your specific basement floor versus Luxury Vinyl Tile and we would give you pricing and multiple different options. 

We don’t price out concrete coating for your basement floor if we don’t think it truly is the best option for you since we aren’t looking to make a quick buck but are looking to make a lifelong business relationship with you. 

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and we know we aren’t perfect, but we stand by our word. If there’s a problem, call us and we will come out and fix it. We don’t hide, we answer the phone and we have a showroom that’s always open so you can come talk to us. We won’t install a floor if we don’t think it will last and if your concrete is too damaged, we will not coat it. 

Family Owned & Proud Of It

family owned

We are a family-owned business. We are a husband and wife team, we have 5 kids, and we have our family friends working in the business with us. Our kids work the events that we do in the area with us and we pride ourselves on being family owned and working with families. 

We have EMPLOYEES who are not independent contractors but work directly under us and our insurance. We pride ourselves on their character and their commitment to our company. 

We pride ourselves on our installations with our motto being “Installations exceeding expectations”. 

We aren’t the “cheap” option. We use the highest quality products to ensure the best quality result on your floor. If you are looking for the cheapest price and cheapest quality, we aren’t the company for you to work with on your project. 

So why choose Twisted Floors for your floor? We are honest, we are family owned, we pride ourselves on installations exceeding expectations and we come out and give you honest advice.

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